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Board of Directors

Simon Haw (non exec)

​With 10 years of solar experience Simon has an intimate knowledge of the solar industry both locally and abroad. Simon worked at SolFocus where he was involved in the construction of a number of solar facilities in California and Spain. Simon co-founded Aurora Power Solutions and works closely with the SOLA team.

Chris Haw (Non-Exec Director)

​Chris is an electrical engineer with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Oxford. As a co-founder of Aurora Power Solutions and a shareholder in one of South Africa’s first independent power producing solar facilities, Chris has a deep knowledge of the industry from a technical, regulatory and financial perspective. Chris also co-founded the South African PV Industry Association, SAPVIA, and was its first Chairperson and is the current Spokesperson.

Dom Wills (CEO)

​Dom has a PhD in Electrical engineering and a deep technical knowledge of solar PV systems and their related components. Dom previously worked at Optimal Energy as a project engineer and Loher GMBH in the design of electro-magnetic machines. Dom was involved in the contracting and design of one of South Africa’s first solar power stations.

Dom Chennells (CFO)

​Previously at BDO, Nautic Africa and Globeleq, “DC” is a chartered accountant and in charge of SOLA’s finances. Dom has an intimate knowledge of the financial parameters effecting the return on investment into solar systems.

SOLA's Edge
  • Combined local and international solar experience of more than 20 years

  • Experience in project financing and operation of large projects

  • Hands on practical experience in design and construction

  • Intimate knowledge of the local industry and regulations

  • Well qualified, experienced and professional team

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