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What Is a Solar Lease?

Have a fully integrated solar photovoltaic system installed on the roof of your building with a customised monthly payment plan based on your particular needs, giving you the option to take ownership of the system at the end of the lease period, with no upfront installation costs.

The solar lease has a fixed rental escalation - this shields you from the variability of Eskom tariff increases, allowing you to accurately predict & budget for your spending on energy. With SOLA’s lease, you can avoid upfront purchase & installation costs, and still enjoy the benefits of clean energy.

The technical experts at SOLA will design, install & maintain the system to ensure that it operates at its best. This allows you focus on your business while we provide a competitive and sustainable energy solution.

Interested? Send our solar leasing team an energy bill at solarlease@solafuture.co.za.

 Or simply call us on+27 21 421 9764
Benefits of a Solar Lease
  • Installation of a fully integrated solar PV system.

  • No upfront payments.

  • No additional maintenance costs.

  • Predictable future energy costs.

  • Long-term electricity cost savings.

  • Enhances your ‘green’ credentials.

Solar solutions in Cape Town
Solar solutions in Cape Town
Solar solutions in Cape Town

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