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Solar PV generates electricity by converting the sun’s rays directly into electricity. With no moving parts, solar modules generate electricity with almost no maintenance and last for 25 years.Most of the world’s solar modules are made from crystalline silicon, or in its basic form: sand. There is an abundance of input material and as more is produced at greater efficiencies the cost has become more and more competitive.

Although efficiencies of new modules do improve over time, solar PV is a well established, stable and mature technology.


SOLA’s energy is an affordable and sustainable alternative electricity source. With no moving parts solar modules generate electricity directly from the sun’s rays and last for 25 years. By offsetting the electricity purchased from your local utility, SOLA creates a saving that is accurate to 99.5%.

SOLA’s energy systems payback in 5-6 years and last for 25 years. That means 20 years of clean energy, free.

3. Electricity Price Projections

As economic growth in South Africa drives the demand for electricity, Eskom has to build new generation infrastructure. The current electricity prices cannot sustain revenue required to finance new power stations and therefore electricity prices will inevitably rise at hyper inflationary rates. Eskom recently applied for 5 years of 16% real increases, indicating their requirements. Although NERSA recently approved an 8% increase, many industry analysts believe Eskom’s requested increases will need to be realized in the long term to ensure the sustainable supply of electricity in South Africa.



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260 kW Century City Conference Centre

This week, SOLA Future Energy was pleased to assist the Century City Conference Centre in its journey toward

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07 Jun 2017

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