Design & Construct

SOLA is experienced in electrical and mechanical design of energy systems and has a wide network of suppliers to carry out the procurement of components, as well as construction of your solar system. We are a roof top solar pv company with offices in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.  Learn more.

Solar Finance

SOLA provides an innovative financing solution that provides the benefits of cheaper energy without the capital outlay. A solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) ensures a stable tariff over the next 20 years whilst decreasing your reliance on fossil fuels. Learn more about solar finance and Power Purchase Agreements.

Solar PV Maintenance

SOLA provides operation and maintenance services for photovoltaic systems in order to ensure maximum efficiency in installed solar pv systems, as well as energy and carbon reporting. Learn more.

Battery Storage and Microgrids

SOLA has experience in combining battery storage systems with solar, to harness excess power produced by the sun. Our end-to-end service includes solar microgrid programming, in order to ensure uninterrupted, continuous electricity, integrated with all other power sources.

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*”Planned power” in kW is different to your monthly kWh energy consumption. If you know your monthly kWh consumption but not your power in kW, divide your total kWh by the amount of hours in the month to get a kW value. e.g. 500 kWh/720 hours in a 30 month day = 0.69 kW

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