Dynachem chemical manufacturing plant will save 36% of its energy through its PPA

60 kW Dynachem industrial solar facility (Power Purchase Agreement)

60kW industrial solar system power purchase agreement (PPA) for Dynachem, Western Cape

The Dynachem industrial solar system uses 180 Canadian Solar 330 watt poly crystalline modules and 1 50kW Inverter to deliver 59.4 kW of direct current (DC) electricity – around 36% of the plant’s energy needs. Reducing the plant’s entire load on the grid will mean that the it will experience demand savings as well as reductions in its costs for energy per month. With the system lasting 20 years, the chemical manufacturer is likely to benefit substantially from the reduced energy costs.

The system belongs to SOLA Future Energy, with a power purchase agreement (PPA) in place, which will enable the Dynachem, manufacturing plant to buy clean energy back at a fixed-rate tariff. The arrangement will provide the plant with clean energy over the next 20 years, shielding the industrial plant of the variability of Eskom tariff increases.

Retail solar system

1354 kWp solar system for Langeberg Mall in Mossel Bay

1354 kWp solar system for Langeberg Mall in Mossel Bay

Langeberg Mall in Mossel Bay has become the latest solar success story for SOLA Future Energy. The system, installed over 3 separate roofs at the retail centre, consists of 4104 polycrystalline solar modules, with 20 String Inverters to convert the power generated by photons into usable energy.

The project is expected to produce 1 980 445 kWh of energy per annum, around 20% of the retail centre’s overall consumption.

“To date, the solar system at Langeberg Mall is the largest single-phase installation that we have carried out,” said Dom Wills, CEO of SOLA Future Energy. “Langeberg mall is a great example of how retail solar projects add value to shopping centres around South Africa, where there are extensive solar resources available.”  

The installation was carried out in record time, over 9 weeks from design to completion.

To work out how much solar might save your retail centre, use our free solar calculator.

Secunda Mall Solar PV installment

1156 kW Solar System at Secunda Mall, Gauteng

1156 kW project a prime retail solar example at Sasol’s Secunda Mall

SOLA Future Energy was commissioned to complete a 1156 kW solar system on two roofs of Secunda Mall. The retail centre solar PV installation was completed over 10 weeks, and consisted of 3400 mono-crystalline modules and 20 solar inverters. The solar installation is expected to produce 1 895 447 kWh of electricity for the retail centre per annum, resulting in a total of 1678 tons of C02 reduction per year that the PV system is operational. The retail centre will save over R2 100 000 in the first year of operation, meaning the system will pay back in less than 6 years.

Secunda Mall Solar PV installment
Century City Conference Centre goes green through solar energy installed by SOLA Future Energy

260 KW Century City Conference Centre

260 KW Century City Conference Centre

This week, SOLA Future Energy was pleased to assist the Century City Conference Centre in its journey toward sustainability by completing a solar energy system on the centre’s roof. The complete system consists of over 800 photovoltaic panels that will generate electricity directly from the sun for the conference centre.  The newly-built facility, owned by Rabie Property Group, currently uses over 2M kWh electricity annually.

SOLA Future Energy installed the 260 kW system over 6 weeks. Split over two roofs, the combined system will produce around 400 000 kWh of electricity annually, which is expected to cut the centre’s carbon emissions by 17% per annum.

Gary Koetser, joint CEO of CCCC, comments, “Sustainability is fast becoming a non-negotiable in the private sector, with corporates across the board making a concerted effort to reduce negative effects on the environment. From the outset, we have strived tominimalize the impact of our operationson the environment and have implemented a number of policies and procedures to this end. This includes water management, waste management & recycling, sustainable food and energy saving.

“Examples like CCCC show that small-scale, decentralised energy usage is an important, simple step that companies can take toward securing their own affordable energy supply in the future,” said Dom Wills, CEO of SOLA Future Energy. Will’s voice joined others in a session discussing the cost-effectiveness of renewable technologies at African Utility Week.

Glyn Taylor, joint CEO of CCCC reiterates the centre’s position on sustainable practices, “We are really proud that our system not only makes financial sense, but further exemplifies our commitment to providing a sustainable conference venue by actively cutting down on our own carbon emissions.”

Projects such as this demonstrate a simple step that large buildings can take toward securing their own energy supply in the future whilst cutting their own carbon emissions.

Century City Conference Centre solar system

Wembly Square Cape Town 2

550 kW Solar System at Wembly Square, Gardens

550 kW Solar System at Wembly Square, Gardens

​SOLA Future Energy recently completed a rooftop solar PV installation for Wembley Square,an office complex and lifestyle centre in Gardens, Cape Town. The centre, owned by Redefine Commercial property group is home to several offices, residential apartments, shops and restaurants, and currently uses around 7M kWh electricity per annum.

Wembly Square Cape Town 2The rooftop solar system, designed and constructed by SOLA, was completed over 6 weeks, and is expected to supply 550 kW direct current (DC) to the building. The system is expected to produce over 850 000 kWh energy per annum for over 20 years, resulting in a 12% reduction of the building’s carbon footprint per annum. In addition, the solar system will save around R970 000 per annum in electricity costs.

IPIC Shopping Centre Soneike in Kuils River boasts 780 kW solar system

780 KW Solar System At IPIC Soneike Mall, Kuils River

780 KW Solar System At IPIC Soneike Mall, Kuils River

SOLA future energy recently completed a 780 kW solar rooftop installation at IPIC Soneike Mall,in Kuils River. The shopping centre, which contains a range of retail shops, is owned by IPIC Properties.

The property currently uses around 5,4m kWh of electricity per annum. With the new solar system, it is expected that roughly 1,2m kWh will be generated through the sun’s power, saving the complex over R1,7m per year in energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint by 22% per annum.

The project at Soneike is one of several retail clients that SOLA has installed with rooftop solar over the past year. Property owners are opting in for solar systems based on their efficiency and the energy cost savings that they promise. All of SOLA’s installed systems are guaranteed for 20 years, and generally take 4 – 6 years to pay off. For Soneike, this means that they’ll have 14 years of free electricity and enjoy the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint and reduced
tariff costs.

Soneike Mall Solar Energy Project

Old Mutual Solar Parking lot to save millions per year

1000 kW, Old Mutual Head Office

1 MW system at Old Mutual Head Office, Pinelands

Old Mutual Head Office commissioned SOLA Future Energy to build a 1 MW solar installation. Carried out in two separate phases, the solar system consists of a solar carport solution, as well as part of its West Campus building roof. The phases were completed in December 2016 and April 2017 respectively.

Carports are uniquely positioned to assist with solar production. The solution at Old Mutual not only provides shade for the cars parking there during the day, but also harnesses the sun’s energy during peak radiation hours for use in the Old Mutual head office in Pinelands, Cape Town. The system, together with the rooftop installment, is expected to produce 2 203 668 kWh of electricity for the office park per annum.

Old Mutual emerging markets CEO Rose Keanly said that the commitment to the system “proves that big corporates are able to make a meaningful difference by being resourceful and thinking creatively to find solutions for the challenges of our time.”

Around 6 – 8% of the office park’s electricity consumption will be provided by solar for the next 25 years. This should result in at least a R 3 712 880 monetary saving per year. With these savings in mind, the solar system will pay itself back in 5.5 years.

Projects such as this demonstrate a simple step that large buildings can take toward securing their own energy supply in the future whilst cutting their own carbon emissions.

Watch a video on the carport installation here:

Old Mutual 1MW parking solution

Netcare SOLA Future Energy


Freddy Hirsh SOLA Future Energy Industrial Solar Projects

Freddy Hirsch 392kWp Industrial Facility

Freddy Hirsch 392kWp Industrial Facility

The Freddy Hirsch Factory in Montague Gardens is a landmark project as its the first industrial client that Sola Future has constructed for. Typically industrial clients have lower tariffs than commercial building owners and thus are less inclined to invest into Solar PV projects.  This project shows that the hyper inflationary tariff increases that Eskom has been implementing over the past 5 years are starting to take effect on all types of energy users.

“The Freddy Hirsch Facility is our best performing project in a specific yield basis” says Nick Prinsloo, Head of Projects at Sola Future Energy, “This is due to the optimal North Facing Pitch of the roofs at the facility.  The PV project also caters for close to 90% of the Freddy Hirsch’s energy requirements during the peak of the day”.

The project marks the end of a successful year for Sola Future Energy where a total of 3MWp was installed on rooftops.

Freddy Hirsh SOLA Future Energy Industrial Solar Projects