How to prevent loadshedding in commercial buildings

3 Options to proof your commercial and industrial building from load shedding

Whether it is a backup generator, installing a solar PV system with a backup generator or battery, or going entirely off-grid, there are options for commercial and industrial buildings in South Africa

Aries utility solar PPA in South Africa

Electricity in SA seems bleak, but it’s loaded with opportunity.

Originally published on LinkedIn What the Eskom’s current state of nation-wide load shedding and their 15% tariff increase appeals are teaching us, it is that the fate of South African industry is tied fundamentally to the availability of stable and affordable electricity supply. The sustainability of the utility requires brave, informed and decisive leadership: but it is possible. We’re […]

Fair Cape Dairies solar agribusiness

Is solar the green solution agribusiness needs?

Agribusiness contributes significantly to a country’s overall industry outlook, particularly because of its links to sectors such as chemical processing and manufacturing. Locally, SADC has identified agro processing as one of three regional priority value chains, along with mineral beneficiation and pharmaceuticals. That being said, the economic challenge that farmers and agribusiness are facing is […]

A reflection on South Africa’s energy landscape in 2018

South Africa’s renewable energy sector received a new lease on life in 2018, after years of uncertainty and lack of movement. With the Ramaphosa government signing nearly R56 billion worth in contracts with 27 independent renewable energy producers during 2018, the way forward, notwithstanding legislative and business challenges, is looking much brighter. Significant progress has […]

SOLA and project 90 by 2030 worked together on solar PV mentorship programme with Khayelitsha youth

Salt River Secondary receives a solar system, thanks to Project 90 and SOLA

On 7 December, SOLA Future Energy was privileged to build a solar PV system for Salt River Secondary School in Cape Town. This was a culmination of SOLA’s involvement in the “Playing with Solar” project organised by Project 90 by 2030. The 3.96kWp solar system will save the school around R 8 200.00 on its […]

SOLA Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

O&M service contracts 101: how to choose an O&M service provider

We’ve spoken previously about the value of obtaining O&M services for solar systems on commercial and industrial property. O&M is a key way of ensuring that solar plants perform optimally, reducing energy system downtime. Choosing the correct O&M service partner  will help to provide essential services and personnel for the ongoing operation of the solar […]

Solar PPAs are an affordable way to access the benefits of solar electricity

5 FAQs about solar PPAs

In some of our previous posts, we’ve alluded to the benefits of a solar PPA: both as a way to provide more options for business owners wanting to go solar, and as a way of reducing costs in certain sectors. At this point, you may be convinced that solar finance is an affordable way to access […]

Fair Cape Dairies 100 kWp solar system

When cost reduction is king: 3 sectors perfect for solar finance

If you’re in business in South Africa, you’re likely feeling the squeeze of a slow-growing economy. Whilst some sectors have been more affected than others, it is safe to say that cost reduction remains a top priority for most facilities managers in today’s economic environment. At significantly lower cost to coal-based power, solar PV is […]

SOLA’s Robben Island Project wins SANEA Project of the Year Award

SOLA Future Energy has won SANEA’s Energy Project of the Year Award. The award, which recognises an energy project that has brought significant recognition internationally to South Africa’s energy environment, was given to SOLA for their design and build of Robben Island’s Microgrid – a project funded by the Department of Tourism. The award was […]

Solar finance options make solar PV available to large businesses in Africa

Finance options for rooftop solar PV in Southern Africa

If your business is considering a solar PV system, chances are that you have looked at the advantages of the system in terms of the reduction of electricity acquired from the national grid and reduced carbon emissions, but the most important question will remain: how will a solar system save money for your business? Although […]

Operations and Maintenance ensures that solar systems perform optimally

How to save through solar: 3 tips for commercial and industrial property managers

It’s long been known that managing commercial and industrial properties sustainably is not only about environmental, but also economic, sustainability. The good news is that for many facilities managers, managing properties sustainably can also deliver on their bottom line. One of the key areas of this is building electricity consumption – one of the largest […]

solar PV for commercial and industrial property

Installing solar on your commercial or industrial property? 6 questions you need to ask

Installing solar PV systems on commercial or industrial property has become a commonplace practice, given that property investors generally look at the long-term value of their assets. Since solar provides consistent, affordable and clean energy over a 25 year lifetime, it is not surprising that commercial and industrial properties are investing in solar. However, given […]

Going wire-free in Africa: Two examples

Our last blog post focused on how microgrids in Africa can enable electrification in rural communities to encourage economic prosperity without the need of centralised grid infrastructure. This blog explores two examples that SOLA Future Energy has designed, engineered and built – and how these might be replicated in African communities. Robben Island – an […]

Entasopia Kenya, powered by solar microgrid

Microgrids in Africa: rethinking the centralised electricity grid

Think about it: just two decades ago, many African towns were barely accessible because of the lack of telephone line infrastructure to key development areas. Today, cellular technology has allowed communications to leapfrog telephone line technology and provide communications without expensive, centralised infrastructure. A similar argument can be made about electricity. Now that both solar […]

Solar mining in Africa

How the mining sector in Africa can benefit from solar energy

The mining sector is one of Africa’s largest, with much of the continent being richly endowed by mineral resources. However, the mining sector struggles in Africa compared to other regions in the world – partly because of economic and political uncertainty. A key aspect to securing a long-term return in a mining operation  in Africa, […]

Africa has immense solar PV potential. Source: Global Solar Atlas, owned by the World Bank Group and provided by Solargis.

5 African countries that are perfect for solar PV

Although Africa has historically been labelled “the dark continent”, actually nothing could be further from the truth. Africa has fantastic solar resource, and, unlike the finite fossil fuel resources which have historically been extricated from the continent, solar energy renews every day, and can be used directly where it lands. Coupled with the dire need […]

Reflections on the last 5 years of solar PV

Over the last five years, solar PV has moved from a peripheral energy option to the fastest growing energy source in the world, and is predicted to stay that way. What has changed over the last five years, and what does the future look like? LCOE: then and now The debate around adopting solar PV, […]

Solar PV offers several ways to optimise the industrial sector

5 ways solar PV can optimise your industrial electricity usage

Inexpensive electricity is the foundation of a globally competitive manufacturing sector and healthy local manufacturing or industrial businesses. In South Africa, electricity prices have increased by an average of 16% per year for the past decade, squeezing an already fragile industrial sector and resulting in less than 1% annual growth in manufacturing output since 2010. […]

Design engineer completes an industrial solar system design for a industrial power purchase agreement (PPA)

New design engineer off to a great start with industrial solar system design

Mandilakhe Qavane has been with SOLA Future Energy for about 6 months, although he’s been working in the renewables industry for about 3 years. The first fully-fledged system he’s designed with SOLA is Dynachem – a chemical powder manufacturing and packaging plant in an industrial part of Cape Town. The system, which was completed this […]

Robben Island battery bank

Robben Island’s 666.4 kW solar PV and battery storage microgrid

Last week, the Minister of Tourism opened the Robben Island solar PV microgrid, designed and constructed by SOLA Future Energy. This system, incorporating one of the southern Hemisphere’s largest battery banks, is made of 1960 mono crystalline solar modules, ready to produce 666.4 kW of power and 2420 lithium-ion battery cells, able to store 837 […]

Robben Island Tourism

Video clip shows the transformation of Robben Island into a beacon of hope

When SOLA found out that they had won the contract to build a solar PV microgrid on Robben Island, commissioned by the National Department of Tourism, they were determined to spread the story of the project far and wide. With the help of video-experts Lima Bean, they created a short film that tells the story […]

Robben Island solar PV microgrid

The Robben Island solar microgrid shows the power of solar PV and batteries

It has been almost a year and a half since the Robben Island Solar Microgrid project was awarded to SOLA Future Energy. After a thorough process of designing, planning and implementing, the project has been launched – and is a demonstration of how solar PV, combined with batteries, can make an excellent combination. This blog post […]

SOLA obtains ISO 9001:2015

SOLA Future Energy obtains ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification

SOLA Future Energy has obtained its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification. The certification, maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is an internationally-recognised metric to validate the quality of a company’s management systems. Having the certification shows SOLA’s commitment to offering a world-class level of service for designing, constructing and maintaining PV systems. […]

solar leases provide the benefits of solar energy without upfront costs

How long is a solar lease or PPA?

With no upfront costs, solar leases are an attractive option to industrial and commercial property owners. Solar leases, also known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), allow a business to make use of the benefits of solar power (such as reduced electricity costs, lower carbon emissions and fixed tariff increases below Eskom average increases) without a […]

SOLA and Atterbury Property Developments partnership to see 20 MW solar capacity built

SOLA Future Energy and Atterbury partnership to see 20 MW solar capacity built over next few years

SOLA Future Energy and Atterbury Property Developments have partnered to provide high quality solar energy and electrical storage solutions to the Atterbury portfolio of properties. The parties entered an agreement in May 2017, which will guide the installation of 20MW of solar PV systems on properties which Atterbury have developed. James Ehlers, Managing Director of […]

SOLA Future Energy opens its Johannesburg Office

SOLA Opens its doors in Johannesburg

Since its foundation in Cape Town in 2013, SOLA Future Energy has now an officially established Johannesburg branch to service clients in the Gauteng region, as well as neighboring African countries. In Gauteng, SOLA Future Energy has already carried out several projects, including Growthpoint’s Key West Mall, Sasol’s Cradlestone Mall,  Goldfields Head Office, and three […]

Intersolar Europe SOLA Future

Takeaways from Intersolar 2017: the latest and greatest in solar technology

​SOLA CEO, Dom Wills, and CTO, Ian Burger, attended the world’s largest gathering of solar professionals in Munich last week. Below follows a few takeaways from the conference. A positive outlook Much of the Intersolar conference focused on the global outlook of the industry during 2016 and using that perspective to predict on the future of solar and its applications. […]

Intersolar Europe

Reflections from Intersolar, day 1

SOLA CEO, Dom Wills and CTO, Ian Burger, are currently in Munich for Intersolar Europe – the world’s largest gathering of solar professionals. Below are some reflections from the first day of the conference. Follow updates on Twitter. Sola Reduced costs and better technology paints a sunny picture for solar Overall, 2016 was a record year for solar. […]

SOLA Future Energy helps to green Century City Conference Centre

This week, SOLA Future Energy was pleased to assist the Century City Conference Centre in its journey toward sustainability by completing a solar energy system on the centre’s roof. The complete system consists of over 800 photovoltaic panels that will generate electricity directly from the sun for the conference centre.  The newly-built facility, owned by Rabie Property Group, […]

SOLA Future Energy installs 550 kW solar system in Gardens

SOLA Future Energy recently completed a rooftop solar PV installation for Wembley Square,an office complex and lifestyle centre in Gardens, Cape Town. The centre, owned by Redefine Commercial property group is home to several offices, residential apartments, shops and restaurants, and currently uses around 7M kWh electricity per annum. The rooftop solar system, designed and constructed by SOLA, […]

780 kW solar system at Soneike Mall, Kuils River

SOLA future energy recently completed a 780 kW solar rooftop installation atSoneike Mall,in Kuils River. The shopping centre, which contains a range of retail shops, is owned by IPIC Properties. The property currently uses around 5,4m kWh of electricity per annum. With the new solar system, it is expected that roughly 1,2m kWh will be generated […]

Parkwood Primary School goes solar!

As part of a community development program, SOLA Future Energy (SFE) and Aurora Power Solutions (APS) are bringing solar energy to the Parkwood Tech Centre at Parkwood Primary School. The project is part of Bottomup Nonprofit, an organisation with an award-winning computer-based maths program that doubled the pass rate of learners after just one year.  Together with Stanford […]

SA leading the way on renewable energy

One has to wonder what motivation the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation has in launching a smear campaign against renewable energy. Mr Kelvin Kemm’s article Nuclear power is the only sensible way to go, which is more about renewable energy than nuclear energy, is riddled with so many untruths and fallacies that it cannot go unchallenged.  Read […]

Wind, solar can supply bulk of South Africa’s power at least cost, CSIR model shows

There has been much discussion in recent months about the work done by the Council for Scientific and IndustrialResearch Energy Centre into the role thatrenewable energy could play in South Africa’s future electricity mix. In an extensive interview with Engineering News Online, Dr Tobias Bischof-Niemz outlines the key findings of the research and unpacks the possible implications. The article follows:Read more

Renewable energy makes financial and environmental sense, and is a threat to Eskom

​Recent comments by Brian Molefe, Eskom’s chief executive, might lead an impartial person to wonder whether there is an orchestrated effort to undermine renewable energy deployment in South Africa. If there is, it would not be surprising that the power utility leads the charge, trying to resist the development of more efficient and independent competitors. […]

Will Eskom avoid the utility death spiral?

​”Eskom is looking to cut its use of private power and has proposed nuclear as the final solution, but it may be making a major business model mistake, write Graham Schwikkard and Aaron Burton of Datta Burton & Associates.”  Read more

Musk’s sun-fed battery closer to reality

​IT IS a nice dream. You catch the sun’s rays in photovoltaic panels on the roof. The resulting electricity is fed down to a large battery hanging on the wall in the garage. You plug your electric car in overnight and charge it for the next day’s commute.Read More

Robben Island PV and Battery Storage Project Awarded to Sola Future Energy

Sola Future has been awarded a landmark project by the Department of Tourism to Design, Construct and Commission a fully standalone hybrid PV and Lithium Ion Battery System.  The project will be one of less than 20 worldwide of its size and type.  The project will consist of a 567kWp ground mounted PV system, coupled […]

Portugal Runs For Four Days Straight On Renewable Energy Alone

​Portugal kept its lights on with renewable energy alone for four consecutive days last week in a clean energy milestone revealed by data analysis of national energy network figures.  Read more

Solar Is Cheaper Than Ever…

“​Mexico just concluded its first Clean Energy Auction for energy, power and Clean Energy Certificates for purchase by CFE, Mexico’s only utility. The results are stunning—11 PV projects have been awarded contracts worth 4 million megawatt-hours (DC) per year. That translates to 1,860 megawatts of capacity (using an average capacity factor of 33.6 percent). Additionally, all […]

Nersa Approves 9.4% Electricity Price Hike

​Cape Town – The National Energy Regulator (Nersa) approved a 9.4% electricity hike for 2016/17 on Tuesday.  Read more

Freddy Hirsch 392kWp Industrial Facility Completed

The Freddy Hirsch Factory in Montague Gardens is a landmark project as its the first industrial client that Sola Future has constructed for.   Typically industrial clients have lower tariffs than commercial building owners and thus are less inclined to invest into Solar PV projects.  This project shows that the hyper inflationary tariff increases that […]

Solar Power Grid-Tied Systems Yield Energy Cost Efficiency

“​Using solar power as a grid-tied system rather than a load-shedding intervention secures efficient, reliable and long-term energy pricing, says solar PV solutions supplier Sola Future Energy FD Dom Chennells”.  Read more

Sun Will Never Set On Solar Energy

“​IN THE last round of bidding for renewable energy projects, the cost of photovoltaic (PV) solar dropped 68% — the new solar farms will be delivering cheaper electricity than Eskom’s new power stations.”  Read more

Constantia Village Shopping Centre Completed December 2015

​​Sola Future was contracted by Growth Point Properties to install a 814 kWp Solar PV System at the Constantia Village in Cape Town. The plant is expected to produce around 1.3million kWh per year from equipment with a 25 year life span. Constantia Village is an ideal development for a large Solar PV project as […]

Nersa says rules for embedded generators to be included in DoE Licensing Regulations

“The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has announced that the long awaited regulatory framework for small-scale embedded generation will not be finalised this year as initially anticipated.”  Read more

SOLA wins 1.02MW rooftop project in Gauteng

​SOLA Future has been awarded a 1.02MW rooftop solar project to be constructed on the Cradlestone Mall in Gauteng. Construction is expected to commence in February 2016 with the intention to be completed by end of May. This is another major milestone in SOLA’s development and adds to the significant portfolio of projects currently under […]

First ‘fully local’ solar PV projects selected under REIPPPP

​“The 5.8 MW Adams and 5.8 MW Bellatrix solar projects, in the Western Cape, have been selected under the Department of Energy’s (DoE’s) Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), becoming the first projects under the programme to be locally developed, designed, funded, constructed and operated.”  Read more

Renewables Continue To Make More Sense Than Fossil Fuels

“​Wind and solar have long made up a small fraction of US electricity—about 5%in 2014. But production has been rising at an exponential rate, and those two energy sources are now big enough to influence when coal and natural gas plants are kept running, according to BNEF.”  Read more


SOLA Future wins 10MW of solar IPP projects

SOLA Future Energy, together with it’s affiliate development company Aurora Power Solutions, has been awarded 2 x 5MW IPP projects which will be constructed mid-way through 2016. The projects, which represent a capital cost of around R250m, are part of the Small IPP procurement program administered by the Department of Energy in South Africa. Together […]

Joburg Has Received Applications For 32 MW Of Rooftop Solar

​Johannesburg’s City Power estimates that there are already 4 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) rooftop capacity in operation across the city and has revealed that it has received applications for the installation of a further 32 MW. Read more


SOLA Future signs 800kWp Constantia Village project with Growthpoint Properties

SOLA Future has been contracted by Growthpoint Properties to install the first phase of a 1.1MW proposed solar PV system at Constantia Village. The first phase of 818kWp will be completed by February 2016. The plant is expected to produce around 1.3m kWh per year from equipment with a 25 year lifespan.

Clicks Head Office 400kWp

​SOLA Future Energy has been appointed as the EPC contractor for Clicks Head Office solar PV system in Cape Town. The 400kWp system is expected to generate around 660,000 kWh per year and is scheduled to be finished by October this year. The building is located of Searle Street, Woodstock.


Construction is complete on Ingenuity Property’s 492kW Foreshore Building PV System

SOLA Future Energy has completed the construction of a 492kW solar PV array for Ingenuity Property on the Atlantic Centre and Park-a-lot buildings in the Foreshore, Cape Town. The project is fully operational and performing as expected. It will produce 776,000 kWh annually. The modules have a guaranteed lifetime of 20 years, SOLA Future will […]

Beautiful stained glass window generates solar power

“ Solar panels may be an excellent, eco-friendly energy solution, but they are not particularly easy on the eye. We have already seen a more attractive option in the form of decorative indoor solar panelling from Finland, and now Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel has created a solar stained glass window: the Current Window is constructed from colored glass […]

Robben Island To Switch To Solar Power

“​Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom says Robben Island, one of the world’s top tourist attraction spots, will soon generate its power from solar panels”.  Read more

Cape Town Tackles “Load Shedding” With Rooftop Solar

“​In late 2014, South African city of Cape Town signed up with Black River Park, a building complex that’s home to more than 110 international companies, to supply solar powered electricity to other businesses in the coastal town.”  Read more

Green Star Function 7 May 2015

“The celebration of our announcement: Black River Park is THE GREENEST office precinct in the country, with all buildings Green Star SA rated – 3 of which have received the first ever 6 Star rating for existing buildings.”

Joemat-Pettersson announces new energy initiatives

“ ENERGY Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson announced a raft of new energy initiatives for the private sector on Thursday, including a large expansion of the renewable energy programme and shortened procurement processes over the next year, designed to speed up the commissioning of new energy capacity.”  Read more

Energy Minister Announces Successful Fourth Round Renewable-Energy Projects

“The Department of Energy (DoE) has announced the names of 13 projects that have been accepted in the fourth bidding window of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP). ”  Read more

SA To Mop Up Near-Term Renewables Prospects, Ahead Of Revamped Process For 6 300 MW More

“Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson has announced plans to accelerate and expand the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), reporting that she will be seeking the concurrence of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) for an additional 6 300 MW of renewable energy.”  Read more

Energy initiatives stuck in ministerial bottleneck

​“Renewable energy is by far the quickest way to bring new capacity into the grid, says Harald Winkler, director of the University Cape Town’s Energy Research Centre, and the delay makes no sense in the context of the crisis.”  Read more

Eskom wants 25.3% tariff increase

“​Eskom’s electricity tariffs may increase by 25.3% from April 1 this year for its direct customers and July 1 for municipal customers if an application to the national regulator is approved.”  Read more

Cape Quarter PV solar project up and running

​“This flagship property within the Tower Property Funds portfolio recently received an extensive PV solar system installation as part of the funds greening and occupancy cost reduction strategy.”  Read more

Solar Infrastructure At Black River Office Park

“Sola Future is the company that has provided the solar infrastructure for the Black River Office park. The office park has the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic installation in South Africa with a capacity of 1.2MW of power.” Audio

Nersa Moves To Finalise Rules For Connecting Small-Scale Solar To The Grid

“The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) will hold public hearings in April as part of a consultation process designed to finalise new rules for small-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) generators wanting to supply electricity from their homes or businesses into the grid.”  Read more

Energy Efficiency Savings Tax Incentives Chip away At Energy Problem

“​The additional revenue will be used to fund the broadening of the scope of the energy-efficiency savings tax incentive to include co-generation and an increase in the amount available. Also under consideration is enhancing the accelerated depreciation for solar photovoltaic renewable energy.”  Read more

More Than 70 Bids Received For Fourth Renewables Bid Window

​Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson confirmed on Tuesday that 77 bids were received by the August 18, 2014, submission deadline for the fourth bid window under government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) and that, with the evaluation process complete, an announcement of the preferred bidders was “imminent”.  Read more

Stage 2 Load Shedding In Progress

“Stage 2 load shedding started at 08:00 and will continue until 23:00 on Thursday, Eskom said in a power alert statement”.  Read more

High Risk Of Load Shedding, says Eskom

“​Power utility Eskom has issued a warning that there is a high risk of load shedding on Wednesday, saying the grid is under pressure”.  Read more

Wind And Solar Energy Saved South Africa R5.3 Billion Last Year

​Renewable energy is still very much on the back-burner for the South African government, but if you need any further proof that it can dramatically ease the burden of electricity supplier Eskom’s fossil fuel generation, look no further than a recent Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) study.  Read more

Eskom Moves To Stage 2 Blackouts

“​Power utility Eskom would implement stage two rolling blackouts from 14:00 on Wednesday, it stated on Twitter”.  Read more

“​Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown is urging households and businesses to make provision for “at least two-hour power outages between 7:00 and 22:00 daily”, while warning that the energy situation will remain “extremely tight” for the foreseeable future” Read more

“Government should allow other power producers to compete and end Eskom‘s monopoly, the DA said on Wednesday”.  Read more

04 FEB Brown Urges Citizens, Businesses To Prepare For Daily Power Cuts

“ Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown is urging households and businesses to make provision for “at least two-hour power outages between 7:00 and 22:00 daily”, while warning that the energy situation will remain “extremely tight” for the foreseeable future”  Read more

Eskom: Customers helped end load shedding

“There may be a lesson from Tuesday’s aborted stage 1 load shedding, as Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe praised consumers for heeding the call to reduce their electricity consumption”.  Read more

Eskom Price Hikes To Follow Baleni Resignation – DA

“The resignation of the National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) CEO Phindile Baleni will lead to hikes in the electricity price, the Democratic Alliance said on Tuesday”.  Read more

Hello Darkness, my old friend

“WEEKS of largely uninterrupted electricity supply came to an abrupt end yesterday when large parts of the country were plunged into darkness as Eskom implemented load shedding “due to unforeseen technical problems” at power stations”. Read more

Eskom implementing stage 1 load shedding

“ The power system is severely constrained today due to unforeseen technical problems at power stations. As a result Eskom has had to go into stage 1 load shedding as of 11:00. This will continue until 22:00 this evening.”  Read more

Off the Grid

Video: What happens when Eskom finally runs out of money is anyone’s guess, but some mavericks already generate their own power. What does it take and is it a viable option? As the country faces another three months of constrained power supply, Carte Blanche meets people living completely off the grid.Click here

South Africa sees financial benefits from renewable energy in 2014 – CSIR

​“The renewable energy from South Africa’s first wind and solar projects last year delivered R800-million more in financial benefits for the country than it cost, according to a study by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).”  Read more

Solar Power To Reach Its Zenith

“​Eskom may be unable to avert an energy crisis, but South African households and businesses can generate power on their rooftops at a cost per kilowatt that rivals that of megaprojects such as Medupi or Kusile, without subsidies or incentives”.  Read more

Solar power helps office park stay on during load shedding

​“With companies such as Sola Future guaranteeing their solar systems’ energy output, a solar array is a good investment.” Watch Video


SOLA Completes 212kW Cape Quarter Project

SOLA has completed the 212kW solar project and it is operating to its expected level of performance. Cape Quarter shopping centre is owned by Tower Properties and is the first in a number of buildings under investigation for solar PV roll-out.  The project was completed in 4 weeks from getting to site and represents one […]

Cape Town Changes Its Load Shedding Schedule

“ As of February 1 2015, the City of Cape Town will be implementing a new load shedding schedule as, and when, load shedding is declared by Eskom”.  Read more

Loadshedding is back

“Due to the electricity demand that has exceeded the supply; Eskom  implemented load shedding Stage 1 from 11:00 until 22:00 tonight.”  Read more

SA Businesses Urged To Invest In Customised Solar Solutions

​“The rising cost of energy paired with the unreliability of the national electricity supplier has become a growing concern for SA businesses that are heavily dependent on electricity supply. In the light of this many business owners are starting to consider renewable sources of energy such as Photovoltaic (PV) solutions – better known as solar […]

Eskom wants your excess solar power

​“There is growing interest from South African electricity customers to install rooftop photovoltaic systems in order to reduce their electricity bill and supplement their consumption”  Read more  

Independent Power Suppliers asked to help SA

There is a 450MW that is ready to deploy; the government is late on on announcing the contracts:  

No daytime load shedding, says Eskom

​“Power utility Eskom says South Africans can breathe a sigh of relief on Tuesday as no power cuts were expected during the day but things could change in the evening.”  Read more

As it happened – Eskom briefing on latest load shedding

“ Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona says he has the tough job of balancing maintenance, which can not be compromised, while ensuring adequate capacity to meet demand.”  Read more

Call for Eskom to declare national power crisis

​“This crisis has touched the daily lives of all South Africans, and affects every aspect of our existence including our transport infrastructure, our water supply, our hospitals and our schools.”  Read more

Gloomy outlook after four days of blackouts

“​The Times reports that the current power crisis will plunge some suburbs into darkness for an excess of 50 hours this week and the prognosis is bleak well into the new year.”  Read more

Eskom in scramble to secure funding

​“Uncertainty surrounding power supply constraints presents South Africa with more hurdles to overcome in its bid to drive economic growth, put a meaningful dent in unemployment and turn the government’s National Development Plan into a reality.”  Read more

SOLA wins Construction World Award

​​SOLA Future Energy has won an award for Best Specialist Contractor at this years Construction World 2014 Best Projects awards. The award was presented to SOLA’s representative, Daniel Goldstuck at the awards dinner in Johannesburg in early November for the Black River Park solar PV project. The 1.2MW solar project is the largest of its […]

Rising Electricity Prices Is Good News For Solar Energy Users

“​Amid rising petrol prices and threats of interest rate hikes, there’s one ballooning cost that solar energy users don’t need to worry about: increasing electricity prices.”  Read more

Renewable energy sector holds the key to job creation in SA

“South Africa has the potential to create many of jobs within the renewable energy sector. Most clean energy industries are also more labour intensive than carbon-intensive ones, so the potential for job creation is huge.”  Read more

Eskom load shedding reveals need for alternative energy for SA business

“Renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind, can facilitate processes in the event of a blackout.”   Read more

New rooftop solar system to save Woolworths R215 000 a year

​“The system took up about 800 m2 of roof space and was expected to generate nearly 164 000 kWh/y, which was equivalent to a total yearly saving of R215 000, SOLA FD Dom Chennells noted.” Read more

Cape Town signs first embedded electricity generation contract

“​In a boost for renewable energy, the City of Cape Town has signed its first small-scale embedded electricity generation contract with Black River Park Investments, an office park in Observatory.” Read more

SA’s Energy Efficient buildings yield better financial benefits

“​A new study conducted by Investment Property Databank (IPD) and the Green Building Council of SA (GBCSA) has found that energy efficient (EE) commercial buildings in South Africa deliver better financial returns that non-EE buildings for their owners. This, together with South Africa’s challenging economic climate and the looming 2016 carbon tax system, makes the employment of […]

Energy Constraints Deepen Construction Sector Woes

“​Eskom’s recent announcement of project delays in the completion and critical maintenance of many power plants will make load shedding a reality for the next few years.” Click here for full story.

Cape Town Townships Get Solar Power

​“The first commercial solar PV system in the township of Khayelitsha was commissioned on the Khayelitsha Environmental Health Organisation building earlier this month by SOLA the City of Cape Town.” Read more


Solar photovoltaic power generation is gathering momentum in South Africa as hundreds of Megawatts of gigantic power plants are connected to the electricity grid. These plants, which are procured as part of the government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer’s Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), are sophisticated projects of massive scale. Now, however, solar is showing its versatility […]

Prepare For Big Electricity Shock In South Africa!

Hi Folks, please click on the link below to read further about growing instability of Eskom’s power stations, which is becoming a major threat to this country: ​Prepare for Big Electricity Shock

Cape Talk Radio Interview with Chris Haw, MD of Sola Future Energy, on Commercial solar installation

Follow this  link  to listen to the interview with Chris Haw.

Black River Park Solar Project to boost Cape Town’s power supply

SOLA Future Energy’s MD Chris Haw interviewed by CNBC Africa: City of Cape Town’s progressive move to accept solar power onto electricity grid:

Bad news for South African electricity consumers next year!

​Eskom gets another punch in the face from NERSA:

1.2MW Black River Park solar plant feeds power into Cape Town’s electricity grid

The 1.2MW Black River Park Solar Project has broken new ground in becoming the largest integrated PV plant in Africa and the first to legally transmit electricity back into the City of Cape Town’s electrical distribution network. The 74,000 m2 office park in Observatory, home to in excess of a hundred various companies, is leading […]


Please see the following article to read more about the benefits of solar energy in the mining sector as well as the associated challenges and impacts.

Is Eskom Going To Increase Electricity Tariffs by Primedia Broadcasting?

​Click on this link to listen to an interview with the General Manager Treasury of the Finance Group at Eskom, Caroline Henry. By end of this month, Eskom would have established if their electricity tariffs would have increased.


Woolworths progressing well…

Green Job Creation!

Hi folks, green economy has come to the rescue to the unemployment stigma, please click here for more information regarding the green job creation.

Improved rand helps solar imports

​Hey folks, have a look at this article. This would be a good time to buy panels!

Farewell to Nelisiwe Magubane

​Please click on this article for further analysis regarding director- general Nelisiwe Magubane’s departure.

Independent network is the key to the energy crisis

A  recent article  by SAPVIA’s chairperson, Davin Chown, puts into perspective the unacceptable situation that we again face with regard to our electricity supply in South Africa. The Minister of Public enterprises, whoon the 26th February was heard on 567 Cape Talk radio claiming that all government departments are working furiously to rectify the situation, failed […]

Eskom is back in trouble and energy prices are still too low

Eskom has once again run into problems meeting demand for electricity in South Africa. This comes as several of the utility’s demand side management subsidy programs have been discontinued due to a “lack of financial resources”. Large industrial companies have had to curtail their production costing the country in lost economic opportunity at a time when […]

Pearson 100kW system, Brackengate

​Education publishing company, Pearson, has signed a Design and Construct Agreement with SOLA to proceed with a 100kW solar PV and their warehousing premises in Brackengate. The system is expected to produce around 170,000 kWh per year. The project is scheduled to be completed by July 2014.

Embedded Generation on the rise

See this link to Engineering News article detailing some of the developments in embedded generation.


Black River Park Expand their Record Breaking solar PV system

Black River Park, one of the largest commercial office park developments in the cape consisting of 74,000 square meters of office space and which is home to a number of leading brands, has shown further leadership in sustainable energy for commercial office buildings by approving the phase 2 of the Black River Park Solar PV […]

SOLA appointed at Khayelitsha Environmental Health Centre

SOLA has been appointed as the contractor to install a solar system on the Khayelitsha Environmental Health Centre. The project was put to tender and includes a reverse feed protection system and comprehensive monitoring platform. SOLA’s Managing Director, Chris Haw says, “we’re very excited about this project and especially about operating in one of Cape […]

Africa has immense solar PV potential. Source: Global Solar Atlas, owned by the World Bank Group and provided by Solargis.

South Africa’s Solar Resource Compared to the Rest of the World

The sun is without a doubt one the most reliable and abundant natural resources in South Africa. Professor Detlev Kröger, Senior Researcher and Emeritus Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University claims that South Africa is one of the best places in the world to develop solar power. The commonly known irradiation maps clearly show the intensity of the sun, and where […]

Real Cost of Solar Energy is Cheaper Than New Coal

South Africa is the world’s 4th largest coal producing country and is blessed with an abundance of a natural resource in high demand. However, with an economic growth outlook heavily dependent on electricity shortages and affordability of energy it is important to recognize that solar energy now is cheaper than new coal. Furthermore, using reliable, affordable and local South African solar […]

SOLA Future Appointed as Preferred Bidder on Woolworths Head Office PV Project

​Woolworths have appointed SOLA as the preferred bidder for a 108kW PV system on their head office in Cape Town. The project is under construction and has received approval from the City of Cape Town for reverse electrical feed.

Eskom Emergency Stations

Check out the article in the business day this morning – Eskom’s expecting loadshedding. We’re not sure how sustainable the price increases approved by Nersa really are… Does this have a connection to Eskom putting their whole integrated demand management program on hold?

Black River Park Launched

lack River Park Phase 1 of 702kW was launched yesterday at a function attended by the owners of the commercial development, press, city of Cape Town officials, Members of the industry, contractors and interested parties.  The system is considered the largest operational rooftop project in SA.  Engineering news published the following article: