Solar Energy Storage Solutions

Harness the sun’s energy for use after hours

Solar energy output is highest when the sun is at its most powerful in the middle of the day – yet electricity for businesses is often required at night, in early morning or late afternoon. Joining solar PV and energy storage is an excellent combination, as it ensures that the peak solar energy is not wasted but stored in battery banks, ready to discharge when solar power reduces.

SOLA has experience in combining energy storage systems with solar PV and the existing power supply or generators to ensure seamless power both on and off grid. Our energy storage services department is able to provide bespoke solutions for different business challenges.

Our end-to-end service includes microgrid programming, in order to ensure uninterrupted, continuous electricity, integrated with all other power sources to reduce the overall cost of energy, and increase energy resiliency, giving our clients more more control of their energy and power needs.

Peak shaving

Depending on the tariff structure of the client, it might be worthwhile to introduce batteries into the system in order to “shave” some of the peak demand energy. This means that, rather than going completely off-grid, the company would use batteries to reduce demand on the grid during peak hours, when energy is most expensive and additional demand charges have the most effect on a client’s bill. This works particularly well on tariff structures that have peak demand charges.

Solar Microgrid and Solar Battery Storage Options and Savings

Microgrid and off-grid solutions

Some situations and locations make an entirely off-grid solution viable. These will typically use solar, combined with batteries and a backup generator, with multiple smart-controllers that ensure the energy production source switches seamlessly with no interruption of power. This solution is ideal for rural areas, islands, and any large properties or office campuses wanting to go entirely off-grid.

Increased Solar Consumption

Including battery storage in a project is also an excellent solution for clients who wish to increase the amount of solar PV installed on their rooftop, or renewable energy consumed by their facility, where the peak demand may not be able to absorb a higher amount of PV if it was installed alone.

Energy storage Webinar

We recently held a webinar entitled “an introduction to energy storage for commercial and industrial property owners”, which explored the state of the energy storage market for the C&I industry. Click here to watch the recording.

Robben Island solar storage battery bank

On Robben Island, 2420 lithium-ion batteries store solar energy for use after hours

Examples of energy storage projects