Who is the solar feasibility tool for?

If you already are interested in establishing a solar project, you might want to get a more detailed information about the potential financial returns on your investment before taking the next step of procuring your system. By completing our online solar feasibility tool, we will assign a solar technician to your building, who will compile a high-level overview of the costs and returns of installing solar in your building or on your land.

Our high-level feasibility study will provide the following information:

  • the expected solar yield of your rooftop or site
  • the estimated costs of installing a solar PV system
  • the estimated costs of initiating a Power Purchase Agreement (a capex-free option)
  • the estimated costs of a combined battery storage or off-grid system, if relevant
  • the expected output of a solar system to your total energy load, as a percentage and a monetary savings value
  • the expected carbon emissions savings for your business
  • the estimated payback period for a system and what your expected internal rate of return (IRR) would be, including for the PPA and battery storage options.

Once our technical team have compiled your feasibility study, we will be in contact in order to explain the study and what it means for your business: providing you insight into the potential of a future where clean, distributed energy is at the core of your business operations.

To complete the solar feasibility form you will need:

  • Company details
  • Company electricity bill
  • Proposed building type and address

Please note:

Compiling a feasibility study requires technical skills and time by the SOLA team. Whilst we will attempt to service as many potential clients as possible, detailed feasibility studies are not guaranteed and will more likely be carried out on sites that show promise for a large-scale solar PV and/or combined battery storage system over 100 kWp in size. Should your system not be feasible, we will let you know. Please note that individuals seeking residential solar installations will not be serviced through our detailed feasibility tool; please rather contact us on info@solafuture.co.za for a referral to a residential solar provider.

Should you need assistance with filling in the tool, please contact us.