A solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows you to pay off and maintain your own solar energy system at no upfront cost to you, while enjoying immediate cost savings. Often, businesses or property owners are impressed by the savings and reliability of solar PV solutions. However, they may not have the capital to purchase a system outright.

With SOLA’s finance options, businesses can avoid upfront purchase and installation costs, and still enjoy the benefits of clean energy, knowing that they are supporting a sustainable future. A solar PPA enables a fully integrated solar photovoltaic system to be installed, incorporating a customised monthly payment plan. PPA’s can also include the option to take ownership of the system at the end of the financed period, with no upfront installation costs. A PPA ensures that payment is only made for the energy the system produces during daylight hours.

Dynachem chemical manufacturing plant will save 36% of its energy through its Solar Financing PPA

Dynachem chemical manufacturing plant will save 36% of its energy through its PPA with SOLA Future Energy

A solar PPA has a fixed rental escalation which shields businesses from the variability of tariff increases and allows accurate predictions and budgeting for energy costs.

SOLA’s PPA provides flexibility for the client with buy-out options and transfer the PPA to the new owner of the building should a client want to relocate business premises. Because of the lack of installment costs, a solar system can also be sized optimally, and potentially paired with solar batteries to assist with driving demand charges down even further. PPA’s are generally 10 – 20 years long – read more about how long a typical PPA is.

Aries utility solar finance PPA in South Africa

Aries solar farm, South Africa – 10 MW PPA – developed by Aurora Power Solutions

The technical experts at SOLA design, install and maintain the solar systems that they finance, ensuring that they operate optimally and are consistently monitored. This allows businesses to retain their focus whilst enjoying a competitive and sustainable energy solution.

A typical savings curve for solar financing PPA customers

A typical cost-curve of savings during a solar PPA vs Eskom tariff increases

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Benefits of a Solar Lease

  • Installation of a fully integrated solar PV system
  • No upfront payments
  • Immediate savings
  • No additional maintenance or insurance costs
  • Predictable future energy costs
  • Long-term electricity cost savings
  • Reduce your property’s carbon footprint