SOLA provides customized solar PV energy systems and solutions that create sustainable energy savings for commercial and industrial properties. SOLA has an established track record of successful projects in South Africa. Our philosophy is to propel the widespread adoption of solar systems across Africa.

SOLA provides full turnkey solar systems, either as an independent power producer or as a system integrator and operator. We can provide:

Regulatory approvals

SOLA Future Energy Regulatory Approvals

SOLA will ensure that your system is fully compliant with the local regulations and laws, and can apply on your behalf for all required permits and approvals necessary to operate a solar system in your area.


SOLA Future Energy Procurement

SOLA has a network of local and international suppliers to provide cost effective and high quality solar panels and complete system components. Our end-to-end service and high volume of purchases allows for optimal payment terms and conditions.


SOLA Future Energy Design

SOLA provides complete electrical and mechanical design services to correctly size your system and provide for seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.


SOLA Future Energy Design and construct

SOLA provides a turnkey construction service to ensure one point of contact and responsibility throughout the construction process. All required Health and Safety and Environmental Compliance is adhered to at the highest level. Read more about our EPC offering.

Operations & Maintenance

SOLA Future Energy Solar Maintenance

SOLA provides operation and maintenance services to provide peace of mind and to continually ensure that your system is operating to its maximum efficiency. Learn more about Solar Operations & Management here.

Solar Finance

SOLA Future Energy Solar Lease

SOLA has an innovative financing solution where the client pays only for energy produced while SOLA will finance, install and maintain the system. Read more about solar finance here.


Solar Microgrids and Battery Storage

SOLA has experience in combining battery storage systems with solar, to harness excess power produced by the sun. Our end-to-end service includes microgrid programming, in order to ensure uninterrupted, continuous electricity, integrated with all other power sources. Read more about batteries and microgrids.


Old Mutual solar PV system

If you would like to find out more detail about the financial feasibility of a solar system at your building or facility, SOLA has developed a feasibility tool to enable this process.