Imagine if you could harness the world’s most abundant energy source, using it as it lands on the surface of the earth. Imagine if you could find an energy source for your building that was cheaper, more reliable and cleaner than your current system. There is, in fact, no need to imagine. The future is here, and it is solar.


Solar PV systems generate electricity by converting the sun’s rays directly into electricity. With no moving parts, solar modules generate electricity with almost no maintenance and last for 25 years. Most of the world’s solar modules are made from crystalline silicon, or in its basic form: sand. There is an abundance of input material. Solar technology has advanced significantly over the last few years. This means that the systems are becoming cheaper to install and more reliable in their outputs.


SOLA’s energy is an affordable and sustainable alternative electricity source. With no moving parts solar modules generate electricity directly from the sun’s rays and last for 25 years. By offsetting the electricity purchased from your local utility, SOLA creates a saving that is accurate to 99.5%.

SOLA’s energy systems payback in 5-6 years and last for 25 years. That means 20 years of clean energy, free.


As economic growth drives the demand for electricity, utilities have to build new generation infrastructure and increase their tariffs by alarming rates. This means that relying on centralised grid infrastructure is subject to steep price increases in the future. Solar power is a way of decentralising your energy supply and regaining control over your energy supply. Solar PV is a more reliable, affordable, and cleaner alternative.